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Work experience in education sector

Space Tourism Teacher

“Responsible Space Tourism”

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) 2019 - 


The space tourism module is divided into six units, with the first half going through the status of the current industry in terms of technical aspects, followed by the ethical concerns and company responsibility factors and then moving on to explore issues related to economic sustainability in space tourism. 

The other half provides aspects related to environmental sustainability, space tourism legislation and lastly provides insights for understanding weak signals and future scenario planning in form of sustainability. At the end of the module, students will have gained an understanding of a new framework research tool (Toivonen, 2017) used for designing a sustainable future in the tourism industry and also valuable space tourism knowledge.

Work experience in education sector

Head of Tourism Education Development (virtual online education) (2017-2020)

Other education related:

TJS Opintokeskus (Finland), Teaching Personell (UK), University of Westmister (UK) 

(between 2003-2017)

Work experience in tourism sector

Travel agency marketing (executive) and operations

FinnGuild Travel (UK), Etraveli (Finland), KILROY travels (Finland), MrTravel (Finland)

(between 2002-2014)

Work experience in market research

Customer experience and marketing consultant (freelance)

Unique Hotels (Estonia), Savoy Hotel (Portugal), Sulake (Finland), LEGO (UK), Kantar Research (UK), Ipsos Mori (UK), Maritz Research (UK), The Finnish Seamen´s Mission (UK), Cupcake Mums (UK)

(between 2008- 2020)



University of Lapland / Multidimensional Tourism Institute

PhD Candidate in Tourism Research (Sustainable Space Tourism)

Northern Cultures and Natural Resource Politics Department 

Studies also in “Service Design” and “Arctic Sustainability” 



University of Lapland, Finland

Master of Social Science

Tourism Research & Culture



University of Westminster, London

Bachelor (Hons) of Arts

Tourism Research & Planning




HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Teacher Qualification




Otavan Opisto (Finland)

Delphi Method Certificate 

Futures Research



UIT – The Arctic University of Norway

Extractive Arctic University Certificate

Field trips in Siberia, Iceland and Norway


Space Tourism Book

Space Tourism Book

Sustainable Space Tourism – An Introduction

Author: Annette Toivonen

Channel View Publications UK

Published in (later) 2020

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