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Space Tourism Book

Sustainable Space Tourism – An Introduction

Author: Annette Toivonen

Channel View Publications UK

Published in 2020

This book explores the relationship between space tourism and the discourse in futures research and sustainable tourism. It offers comprehensive information on the current understanding of space tourism and assesses the possible impacts of space tourism on the environment, economics, legislation and society. 

The book aims to encourage more dialogue and critical examinations of aspects of space tourism related to future sustainability. From data gathered from empirical research, it provides a vision for the future of sustainable tourism. It will be of interest to students and researchers in tourism, sustainability and futures studies, as well as individual space tourist “hopefuls”, space tourism industry operators and tourism policy regulators. 

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Sustainable Space Tourism - Annette Toivonen - nidottu(9781845418014) | Adlibris kirjakauppa


Sustainable Space Tourism: An Introduction (The Future of Tourism, 3) (Volume 3): Toivonen, Annette: 9781845418014: Books

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