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Dr. Annette Toivonen is one of the world´s leading academic experts on sustainable New Space tourism industry. In 2020 her world pioneering non-fiction book "Sustainable Space Tourism - An Introduction" was published in the United Kingdom by Channel View Publications.


In 2022 she co-authored in non-fiction book "Science Fiction, Disruption and Tourism" (edited by Ian Yeoman et al., UK) and also gained her tourism research doctorate on "The emergence on New Space: A grounded theory study of enhancing sustainability in space tourism from the view of Finland" in the University of Lapland, Finland.


Annette has also gained both a BA Hons. (University of Westminster) and MSc (University of Lapland) in tourism research, holds a teacher´s pedagogical qualification and arctic area expertise with "Extractive Arctic Industries Certificate" (The Arctic University of Norway).

For years she has been a regular commentator on New Space tourism industry related updates in both national and international media, having appeared for example in BBC, Deutche Welle, Wall Street Journal, Forbes India, Arab News, Agence France-Presse (AFP), SRG (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) and YLE News (Finland). 

 She has also designed the world´s first university course, that combines both space tourism and sustainable development, based on her academic findings and theoretical frameworks, at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)y, where she also currently teaches. Her book "Sustainable Space Tourism - An Introduction" has been a recommended course text book for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Florida, USA) for "Space Missions and Launch Operations "module since 2022.

 Research Project - MSPO 512 - Space Mission and Launch Operations - Research Guides at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (

Space tourism educator


Academic Publications

Finnish Journal of Tourism Research (2017)

Sustainable planning for space tourism 

Journal of Sustainable Tourism (2020)

Sustainability dimensions in space tourism: the case of Finland

Sustainable Space Tourism - An Introduction (2020)

Channel View Publications, UK

Space tourism - Science fiction becoming a reality (2021)

Science Fiction, Disruption and Tourism

Edited by Ian Yeoman et al.

Channel View Publications, UK

University of Lapland Research (2022)

The emergence of New Space: A grounded theory study enhancing space tourism from the view of Finland

Finnish Journal of Tourism Research (2022)

Sustainability scenarios for the New Space tourism industry

Guest Editor

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (IEAM), USA

Peer Reviewing

Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2022, 2023)

Journal of Sustainable Tourism (2020)

Island Studies Journal (2019)

Keynote Speaker

Finnish Satellite Workshop and Remote Sensing Days, 2023 (Aalto University, Otaniemi, Finland)

ISWEE International Symposium on Water, Ecology and Environment, 2022 (China)

KCL Space, King´s College London, 2022 (UK)

World Conference on Climate Change and Sustainability, 2022 (Frankfurt, Germany)

StartUp Day, 2022 (Tartu, Estonia)

University of Eastern Finland, 2022 (Finland)

International Space Development Conference, confirmed speaker, 2022 (Washington D.C, USA)

SpaceTalks 3.0, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, 2022 (UK)

World Expo 2020, Finland´s Pavillion, 2022 (Dubai, UAE)

University of Lapland, 2021 (Finland)

Aalto University, 2021 (Finland)

The Interstellar Business Conference, 2021 (London, UK)

Finnish Satellite Workshop and Remote Sensing Days, 2021 (Aalto University, Otaniemi, Finland)

Space Tourism Forum Porvoo, 2020 (Finland)

International Space Development Conference, 2021 (USA)

Finnish Travel Fair Matka, 2020 (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences)

British Estonian Chamber of Commerce: The Future of Tourism, 2019 (Estonia)

ATLAS Business Tourism Conference, 2019 (Finland)

The Future of Tourism Sustainable Transportation 2030, 2018 (Finland) 

International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations, 2016 (Finland)

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