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Annette Toivonen is a tourism professional, having worked globally for the industry over a decade in diverse management positions. She is currently finalising her world pioneering PhD thesis in sustainable space tourism at the University of Lapland, Finland. She has also gained both a BA Hons (University of Westminster) and MSc (University of Lapland) in Tourism Research, holds a teacher´s pedagogical qualification and an Extractive Arctic Industries Certificate (The Arctic University of Norway). 

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space tourism educator


In 2019, she designed and co-launched the world´s first sustainable space tourism course at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland) based on her academic findings and theoretical framework, where she also currently teaches space tourism. She will be publishing her own book, Sustainable space tourism – An Introduction, in the United Kingdom (Channel View Publications) in 2020 and is also one of the co-authors in one of the Future of tourismbook series, to also be published in the United Kingdom. 


Academic contributions


Finnish Journal of Tourism Research

Sustainable planning for space tourism (2017)

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Two more publications currently under the publications process.

Peer Reviewing

Journal of Sustainable Tourism (2020)

Island Studies Journal (2019)

Academic contributions


Public speaking

Public Speaking
(Space Tourism)

Annette will be a speaker at the International Space Development Conference (postponed from 2020) in Los Angeles 2021, having previously been a guest speaker at various conferences and panels, such as the ATLAS Conference 2019 and British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce event 2019, providing insight into the sustainable future of the space tourism industry.​

  • RTD 12 Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations 2016 (Finland)

  • ATLAS Conference 2019 (Finland)

  • British Estonian Chamber of Commerce: The Future of Tourism Event 2019 (Estonia)

  • Finnish Travel Fair 2020 (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences stand)

To come:

  • International Space Development Conference 2021 (USA)

Public Speaking
(Space Tourism)

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